How-to Dress for a Workout

Is how you dress for a workout important? Yes, it is. Many people wear workout clothes even if they’re not exercising. They’ve become every day wear because not only is it fashionable to wear them, they are extremely comfortable. Fashion and comfort are important features for workout clothes but there are other important considerations too. There is a lot of advice on what not to wear, but let’s focus on advice to guide you on what how to choose what to wear. You want clothes and accessories that will not only are fashionable and comfortable, but to also support your workout and your body to keep you safe, help you avoid injury, and most of all enjoy yourself Here are 5 tips for how to dress for a workout. 1. Find out if your activity requires specific apparel. • If you attend a gym or a group activity, look at what others are wearing. See if there is a dress code. • Ask for recommendations on clothing. For example, some classes may require a particular type of shoe or a shoe with a particular type of sole or treading. 2. Choose clothing that are comfortable for your workout. • Wear clothing that is comfortable and fits you well—not too large or baggy or too tight. Your clothes should give you not limit your movements but also fit well enough as to not snag or cause you to trip or distract you. • Choose light, breathable material, such as synthetics (polyester, rayon). Cotton is also a choice but it doesn’t absorb sweat well and will stay wet for a long time. 3. Wear supportive accessories for active movements. • Women should wear proper fitting sports bras to support the breasts during the high impact exercise. • Men do not need jock straps but some men prefer them. Wear anything that helps support your comfort while working out. • Remove jewelry or other items that may get in the way of your activities or get stuck in machines if you are in a gym. 4. Get the appropriate shoes for you. • Wear the right shoe. Your feet need well-cushioned, stable shoes to support your feet. Wear shoes that are designed for whatever you are doing, (running shoes for running, boxing shoes for boxing, etc.) • Ensure shoes fit correctly and replace shoes regularly. Worn down shoes don’t provide the needed support. 5. Add your own style to your workout clothes. • Personalize your workout clothes. You don't have to look like everyone else. Wear the colors and style you like, tie-dye your clothes. There is no right or wrong once you have your basic gear. • Enjoy your workout!
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