5 Uses for a Reach Stacker in a Warehouse

Warehousing robots are starting to come into their own, but they are nowhere near ready to take over for most of the jobs in a modern warehouse. Most jobs still require a human touch, and those people need the right equipment to get their work done. Ports and warehouses rely on a huge variety of tools to lift and move heavy cargo containers. All of them have their place, but not all of them get the credit that they deserve. The reach stacker is not the most famous tool in the warehouse, but it is one of the most useful in several different situations. Second Row Access The trouble with most lifting tools is that they cannot access the back of a set of containers. If they need to get to the back, they need to move every container in the front row in order to get access. Reach stackers access the back row directly, which can save a lot of time in a cramped warehouse. Cramped Spaces Reach stackers are designed to work in relatively small spaces, so they are easier to maneuver than many other lifting tools. That is a big benefit for anyone who needs to work in a small space, but it can also be an asset for inexperienced workers. They can take advantage of the reach stacker's improved maneuverability to get around in tight spaces where they cannot take larger vehicles without an accident. That gives them experience working in small spaces, so it can help them learn to operate other devices more safely in the future. Quick Movement Time is money, and most warehouse vehicles move quite slowly. That's often a good thing, because it can cut down on accidents when hauling heavy cargo, but there are times when you need to be able to work fast. Reach stackers can haul containers much more quickly than many of the alternatives. The advantage fades when comparing speeds over long distances, but that isn't a problem if the reach stacker is only getting used within a small area, such as a normal warehouse. Tall Platforms Every lifting tool has a maximum height. They simply cannot haul any cargo containers above that level, and larger tools are usually necessary to hit greater heights. Reach stackers have an excellent ratio of high to size, so they are usually the best choice for reaching high platforms in places that can't accommodate a larger vehicle. High Visibility Visibility is a problem in most lifting vehicles, which can make it difficult to operate under adverse conditions, such as in the dark. A reach stacker offers more visibility than most alternatives, so it's the best choice for use when other factors are making it even harder to see. That also makes it even more valuable for novices, who often lack experience working with reduced visibility.
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