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3 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Spirituality

Although defined broadly, the term spirituality generally references the idea of a quest for deep meaning in life. It can also incorporate the concept of creating that deep meaning in one’s life through behavioral modifications and/or cultural shifts. Finally, the term spirituality incorporates the idea of connecting with one’s self apart from the socially constructed identity that may have been corrupted through false consciousness. It’s a great idea to get your child involved in the process of improving her or his spirituality. There are many ways you can put this consciousness-raising process in motion. Here are three of them:

1. Emphasize The Value Of Meditation.

One of the greatest ways to help your child become a more spiritual entity is by emphasizing the value of meditation. Meditation is incredibly valuable because it can be used to break negative thought patterns, combat stress, and optimize the functioning of the circulatory and respiratory systems. Additionally, meditation can help clear your child’s mind of the subliminal messages she or he is being fed daily through mediums such as television commercials.

One particularly powerful impact that yoga can have on your child’s spirituality is by making her or him more conscious of the outside world rather than maintaining a me-centered modality. As noted in “7 Ways Meditation Can Actually Change The Brain,” mindfulness meditation is known to decrease activity in the brain network that causes self-referential thoughts.

2. Get Your Child Involved In Yoga.

If you’re serious about improving your child’s spirituality, be sure to get her or him actively involved in a yoga practice. As noted in Wikipedia, the term “yoga” means “to attach,” “to unite,” “to join,” and “to add.” Many people associate yoga with a bodily practice that joins the mind and body in a manner that promotes both physical and mental well-being. There are several ways that you can get your child involved in yoga, one of which is by having her or him take classes at a local gym. If your child is introverted, you may want to hire a yoga instructor to teach her or him in the privacy of your own home.

3. Focus On Community Service.

Involving your child in an annual community service project is a wonderful way to emphasize her or his spirituality. With this practice, your child will place primacy on giving back to people or the world at large. One community service project you may want to consider involves planting a tree. This form of service can help your child connect with nature in an empowering way that emphasizes having respect for the planet.

Don’t Delay: Start Improving Your Child’s Spirituality Today!

There are several ways that you can improve your child’s spirituality. Start implementing the techniques outlined above to ensure that your young girl or boy becomes a more conscious, loving being.

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