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3 Ways to Incorporate Christmas Ornaments In Your Home

When you begin decorating for Christmas, you probably think about the lights and where you want to place them inside and outside of the home. There might be a few large decorations that you put outside and the small trinkets that grace the end tables and shelves inside the house. Ornaments are often reserved for decorating the tree, but there are a few other ways that you can use them in the home that will bring a festive appearance during the holiday season.

A beautiful way to use ornaments that don’t seem to fit on the tree or to make a decoration for the front door is to use them to make a wreath. This takes the place of traditional wreaths that are made with ribbon, garland and other simple materials. It’s easy to make the wreath with a foam or plastic circle. Hot glue colorful ornaments of various sizes, designs and patterns onto the circle until it’s covered. Then, begin adding ornaments along the outside edge, giving dimension to the wreath. Fill in the bare areas with a bit of garland or a small candy cane or two. When the light captures the wreath at just the right point, it will glisten and shine like a star.

Table Decorations
If you plan to have friends and family to Christmas dinner or even a party for the holidays, you can use ornaments as name holders. Place a festive name tag on the top of each ornament so that everyone knows where to sit. They can take the ornament home after the dinner. You can also tie small ornaments to napkins. Another idea for the table is to put ornaments of two or three colors inside a clear vase or bowl. Place the bowl in the center of the table with white lights around the base for a beautiful addition instead of using candles.

While you might make several batches of cupcakes for the family to enjoy at Christmas or to take to parties, you can also use ornaments to make cupcakes. Get a silver pan to use as the base. Line each holder with a festive cupcake liner. Place ornaments of one color to match the liners in the holders. When you place the cupcake tray on a kitchen counter or in another area of the home, it looks like you have a freshly baked tray of cupcakes.

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