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3 Ways to Show Some Pet Love

Your pets want to know that you love and care for them every day. They may know some of the words that you speak, and they may understand the meaning of your tone. However, your pets can also tell how much you love them by your non-verbal actions. These are some of the exceptional ways that you can show your pets how much you love them.

Massage or Pet Them
You may be well aware of how much your dog or cat loves to be touched. You may also know their favorite spots to be massaged or gently scratched, such as on their ears or belly. Your pets may cherish these points because your touch makes them feel great, but, your pets also may love the one-on-one attention that they receive from you during these times. In some cases, a massage, a pat or a gentle scratch may be part of an active fun time, but it could also be a relaxing experience for your pet.

Spend Time With Your Pets
Dogs and cats may love for you to play with them, such as when you throw a ball for a dog to fetch. Active play is an excellent way for you to keep your pets happy and healthy. Even when you are not playing with them, you can still spend quality time with them. Many pets crave any type of attention from their humans that they can get. They may love sleeping next to you on the couch or curling up by your feet on the floor. They simply want to be close to you rather than alone. Remember that some pets even experience extreme anxiety when their owners are gone.

Take Good Care of Them
The unfortunate reality is that some pet owners do not properly care for their furry friends. They may neglect to get them enough exercise or to take them to the vet regularly. They may forget to brush their coat and teeth, to give them necessary medications and more. Your pets may not actively equate a trip to the vet with you loving them. However, when they feel neglected and fall into poor health, they may feel the emotional negativity associated with that. Find time in your routine to ensure that your pet receives adequate nutrition, is properly groomed and gets enough exercise.

As a pet owner, you understandably want the best for your pet, but it is easy to get too busy to show your pet as much love as he or she needs regularly. Remember that your active efforts are important, but you can also simply let your dog sit next to you while you watch TV or work on the computer.

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