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5 Creative Interior Designs Tips to Try in 2018

Your home should feel comfortable and allow you to be at ease when spending time on the property. It’s important that the decor and furnishings that are used are modern and contemporary to create an updated setting. When you want to transform the space with a makeover, there are a few interior design tips to try in 2018.

1. Apply Wallpaper

Wallpaper is currently trending and has reemerged from the 1980s. You can enhance the look of different rooms of your home with wallpaper that incorporates a beautiful print. Consider adding wallpaper with oversized florals to your powder room or guest bathroom. The wallpaper can also be used on an accent wall of a larger room to prevent it from overpowering the setting.

2. Dining Tables in the Kitchen

According to houzz.com, more people are incorporating dining tables in the kitchen to create a space that is easy to entertain in throughout the year. Homes with larger kitchens can benefit from a dining table that is moved into the space because it’ll allow you to talk more with your family members or friend while cooking. To prevent the room from feeling too cramped, forego a kitchen island when adding a dining table.

3. Concrete Accents

Concrete is an urban and modern material that is increasing in popularity for its look. You can install it on the countertops in the kitchen or with different accessories that are on display. It offers a neutral balance and contrast and looks beautiful when paired with masculine or minimal elements. You can also add concrete tiles on the floor in the kitchen or an entryway to make a statement that is regal and high-end.

4. Colorful Cabinetry

According to elledecor.com, more kitchens are featuring plenty of color for extra pizzaz. Blue and green are go-to color shades that are rich and can be paired with dark woods or brick. Consider using an emerald green color or navy blue on the cabinets, which will make the space your favorite room of the home.

5. Dramatic Sofas

Although brown leather sofas were commonly seen in residential homes in past years, more people are purchasing dramatic sofas that work as the focal point of the space. Consider adding a sofa that features blue or green velvet upholstery, which is daring but plenty cozy. You can also use a couch that has a fun print and pair it with neutral decor in the room.

When you want to make your home look professionally designed, there are a few designs tips to follow when decorating your interior setting. With the right colors and materials used, you can enjoy creating a beautiful environment that is easy to spend more time in throughout the year.

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