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5 Habits of People who donate Money on a Regular Basis

People have been giving back to charity for eons, with some public figures doing it for public approval, and others giving back as a way to stay in touch with their roots. Philanthropists are diverse in their choices, with some giving to boost art, others education, and some to advance healthcare. They, however, have similar traits:

• They are self-made success stories

Most people who give to charity regularly are self-made successes. Mark Zuckerberg, for instance, was not exactly raised in splendor. He went to a public school for his education. Later when he made his fortune, he went back and gave $100 million to the public schools in his school district as a sign of giving back to the community. The notion here is the self-made millionaires and billionaires feel more attached to their roots and, therefore, get involved in charity because they identify better with the people in those situations.

• They Believe In a Cause

Most philanthropists give to causes in which they believe or have some sort of attachment. Bill and Melinda Gates, whose foundation is the largest of its kind, are a good example of people who support the cause they believe in. They rally behind education and technology in the US while looking into health care and ways to reduce poverty the world. Information technology is Bill Gates’ anchor.

• They are people oriented

Philanthropists do not just give the money and hope for the best; they follow up on the projects that their money was directed into, to see that it fulfills its intention. They show their concern for the people and the way their charity changes their lives. Some charitable organizations mobilize entire workforces to get to the most marginalized communities and to inquire from them how their intended charity would benefit them.

• They are frugal

Well, the word frugal is subjective, but most philanthropists are not extravagant spenders. They spend sparingly and only purchase what they need as opposed to what everyone in their lane is buying. They apply the spending habits of the wealthy.

• They give in private

While some of the most successful organizations give noisily, there is a small percentage of philanthropists that give without letting the world know about it. The news only gets out when their financial reports are released for transparency, or when the law mandates them to disclose the information. Organizations aside, several individuals who regularly give to charity do so without a fuss.

Giving is a private decision that should come from the heart and without coercion. While it has been a controversial topic, with some people believing that it promotes laziness, one could look at it as a way of giving back and giving hope to an otherwise hopeless people.

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