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5 Questions you Should Ask Your Wedding Caterer

Are you planning for a wedding? Getting things together in preparation for your big day might seem quite a task. You ought to find the venue, the caterer, a photographer, entertainment, etc. Since the reception is one of the most anticipated moments, you ought to ensure the guests enjoy great meal services. Below are questions you should ask caterers before hiring them.

Is The Caterer Booked on Your Wedding Date?

The caterer may be attending to more than one event on your wedding day. Some have multiple teams to attend to various occasions on the same day. Ensure you are aware of the caterer’s bookings to ensure you plan early and avoid last minute plans.

What Experience Do they Have?

Experienced caterers have had a taste of different events. They are in a position to handle a different setting, with a different number of guests. Ask the caterer for references of clients they have served before. It is advisable to talk to clients that had a wedding setting similar to yours. This can help you understand how your reception will turn out.

What are the Services Offered?

The reception menu is an essential aspect of the wedding. You will want to know what meals your caterer specializes in and if the wedding cake is part of the package. Are there meal packages suited for your number of guests? Additionally, does the service include waiters and bartenders? After the reception, do they clean up the site and trash the waste?

What is the Cost?

The total service charge will depend on the type of service and the number of guests. Caterers that offer full-service packages may charge a high cost. Some caterers may need to split charges with you in a case where you have to outsource services they do not offer. Also, it is essential to have a breakdown of the total cost. Confirm the payment methods available. Some caterers may need upfront payment while others accept the full payment after your event.

What is the Timeline?

Time is an essential factor to ensure every phase of the wedding ceremony takes a considerable amount of time. Therefore, it is important to ask when the food will be ready for guests, how long it will take them to serve and cleanup. That will help you plan your reception program accordingly.

A wedding caterer should meet your expectations when it comes to serving your guests. It is, therefore, crucial to explain your preferences regarding food, drinks, and facilities. Discuss your wedding program to allocate enough time for the preparation and service of food. Also, ensure the cost suits your wedding budget, and you have an agreement on the payment plan.

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