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5 Signs that It’s Time to Get Braces

Unfortunately, it is a fact of life for many people to experience problems with their teeth. While some issues may simply mean you need to be more diligent about brushing your teeth and flossing to prevent gum disease, there are orthodontic issues that can arise as well. There are five key signs that you may need braces.


Crowding is one of the most common problems with the teeth. This issue can strike both children and adults and is one of the biggest reasons why someone requires orthodontic treatment. When the teeth are crowded, it can only get worse over time and make practicing oral hygiene difficult. For instance, when teeth are too close together, it can be difficult or even impossible to floss between them, which can lead to the larger issue of periodontal disease. Braces can help to properly align the teeth and prevent that.


An overbite is another problem with the front teeth that should certainly be considered a sign that you need braces. Overbites are very noticeable as the top front teeth stick out considerably more than the bottom front teeth. You are also at risk for other issues, such as trauma to the front teeth, risk of breaking a tooth and requiring dental restoration procedures like crowns. Braces can correct an overbite so that the top teeth are properly aligned with the bottom.


An underbite is essentially the opposite of an overbite; the bottom front teeth stick out more than the top front teeth. It can cause jaw pain and usually signifies that the jaw itself may be disproportionate in size. Problems that can occur with underbites include difficulty in chewing and biting, imbalanced appearance in the face and premature facial aging. Braces can properly align the teeth.


A crossbite is another issue that shows that you need braces. It is an abnormal bite that results in an upper tooth situating behind the lower tooth directly beneath it. It is a serious orthodontic issue that can be fixed with braces. If it goes untreated, you have a risk of receding gums by the affected tooth, excessive wear or breakage of the teeth and asymmetrical jaw growth. Additionally, if a crossbite is not addressed with orthodontic treatment like braces, any broken or worn teeth may not be able to be restored with dental work.


An openbite is another orthodontic issue that can be fixed with braces. It is a misalignment of the teeth that results in the front teeth not touching. The problem can result in speech problems such as a lisp and difficulty biting.

These are all sure signs that you need braces. Although you may dread having a mouth full of metal, it is well worth fixing these issues and you will be left with a beautiful, straight, white smile in the long run.

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