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6 Essential Questions to Ask When Hiring an Attorney

Attorney Question One: How Much Experience Do You Have?

When you are hiring an attorney for serious issues that include possible incarceration or child custody, make sure to learn about an attorney’s experience. You want to have an attorney that understands a state’s regulations concerning child support payments to avoid additional legal action in the future. It is also important for an attorney to understand the local court system when you are trying to avoid incarceration for driving while intoxicated, drug possession or theft.

Attorney Question Two: What Are Your Fees?

Make sure to learn about an attorney’s fees before hiring the individual for your case. Some attorneys require a legal retainer first, but you are required to pay additional hourly fees for their services or the services of their employees. You should get a written contract concerning the fees before hiring an attorney to have a complete understanding of their variable hourly rate. You might also have a fixed rate for a particular service, or in some cases, an attorney will negotiate fees.

Attorney Question Three: Does the Attorney Know the Opposing Party?

It is not a good idea to hire an attorney who is related to or friends with the opposing party or their legal team. You want to hire an attorney who is able to work for your rights in a fair and objective manner. If you determine that your attorney is associated with the opposing party after a case begins, then you must find a new legal team, leading to a prolonged case.

Attorney Question Four: What is Your Success Rate?

Most legal issues are extremely important, and if an attorney fails to follow through on their job, then you can suffer from serious ramifications. If you are adopting a child, then you want to know that the legal process is performed correctly to avoid having a situation where a parent changes their mind several years later.

Attorney Question Five: Who Else Will Work With You?

Determine if an attorney performs all of their own work or if they work with other attorneys or paralegal employees who will perform the tasks instead. You may not want to appear in the courtroom with another attorney who you have never met but who is part of a legal team working for the firm that you hired.

Attorney Question Six: Do You Have Personal References?

An attorney should have personal references who can contact with a telephone call or email. This attorney should have permission to use these personal references to avoid divulging confidential information. To understand the person who you are hiring, make sure to write your questions down on paper when interviewing an attorney.

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