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7 Upgrades that Improve Jeep Performance

Jeep is known for developing some of the most rugged SUVs in the world. If you are like most Jeep owners, you will eventually begin to crave more power. Here are seven of the best upgrades that improve performance.

High-Performance Air Intake
Your stock air intake is engineered to be as quiet as possible. However, its restrictive design limits your engine’s overall production. In order for an engine to develop the maximum amount of power, it needs to suck in as much fresh air as possible. High-performance air intakes are far more effective at pulling oxygen into the engine.

Free-Flowing Exhaust System
Most factory-installed exhaust systems are not very efficient. They are designed using crush-bent pipes, which decrease your Jeep’s horsepower. Replacing a stock exhaust with a free-flowing version will optimize any vehicle’s performance. According to the experts at Top Speed, a free-flowing exhaust can unleash a significant amount of extra power.

Racing Wheels
If you are looking to improve your Jeep’s performance, consider purchasing a set of racing wheels. An article posted by Car and Driver reveals that heavy wheels can have a negative impact of a vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency. Lightweight racing wheels will help your Jeep to accelerate much quicker. The enhanced fuel economy is just an added benefit.

Performance Module
Performance modules, also referred to as computer programmers, increase power by tuning a Jeep’s ECU. It allows you to easily alter your SUV’s performance parameters. While some owners desire more low-speed pulling power, there are others who are seeking to improve their Jeep’s quickness. The unit easily connects to your vehicle’s diagnostic port.

Upgraded Tires
Tires have a direct impact on a Jeep’s performance. If you are still riding around with stock tires, don’t expect your Jeep to offer the best handling and traction. Upgrading to a better set of tires will give you more control while behind the wheel. Whether you are churning through a muddy path or cruising along a sandy beach, upgraded tires will dramatically improve your Jeep’s driving dynamics.

High-Performance Cooling System
When pulling a heavy load and traveling off-road, your Jeep’s cooling system must be able to handle the extra stress. Not only will a sub-par cooling system cause a loss of power, but you also risk damaging your engine. A larger radiator and engine oil cooler can make a big difference.

Heat Extractor Hood
Installing a heat extractor hood is among the easiest ways to promote better performance. Special vents remove excess heat from the engine. It definitely helps extends the life of your engine.

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