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8 Inspiring TV Shows to Watch Before Remodeling a House

Looking for some instant inspiration before starting your next home project? You don’t need to look anywhere further than your television screen. No matter how big the project or what your design aesthetic is, there is a TV show to inspire you. Here are eight of the best home renovation shows to watch before beginning a new project.

1. Property Brothers
Canadian twins Jonathan and Drew Scott form a realtor-contractor duo in Property Brothers. These two help homebuyers to buy and transform their new houses into dream homes- and look good doing it!

2. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
In Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, a team of carpenters, architects, landscapers, and designers join together to build a new home for a family in just a week. Each episode features a family who had recently faced some sort of tragedy. I dare you to get through one episode of this show without tearing up.

3. Rehab Addict
Rehab Addict documents home renovations. The show usually focuses on the restoration and preservation of an old, historical house, rather than knocking it down. If you love old architecture, this show is for you.

4. This Old House
One of the longest running home remodeling TV shows. This show goes in depth during the remodeling process. It usually features between one to three different houses a season, as opposed to a new house each episode.

5. Fixer Upper
In Fixer Upper, husband and wife duo travel through Texas helping people to realize their home remodeling dreams. They work with their clients to buy and remodel homes. The finished homes look like something right out of a Pinterest board.

6. Design on a Dime
Are you remodeling on a budget? From thrift shopping to recycling, there are tons of ways you can renovate your home without spending a lot of cash. Tune in to Design on a Dime for all sorts of creative, budget friendly ideas.

7. House Hunters
You surely have seen this HGTV staple. But if you haven’t, this is mainly a real estate show that helps prospective homebuyers to find their dream home. This often doubles as a home renovation show, as the agents often ask their clients to look beyond what they see and imagine all the possibilities.

8. Flip or Flop
If you like a little more intensity in your home renovation TV shows, check out Flip or Flop. In this high stakes show, realtors buy foreclosed houses, renovate them, and try to sell them for a profit. It can be a huge risk to flip houses, especially when they are infested with cockroaches or do not have working plumbing. If nothing else, this show may make you feel better about beginning your own home project.

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