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How-to Make Sure Your Air Conditioning is Functioning Properly

The air conditioner unit needs regular maintenance to ensure that it’s running smoothly throughout the entire cooling season. When regular maintenance is neglected, it can lead to less cooling and result in a shorter life span of the unit itself.

Spring Cleaning

Hiring a Professional
When the spring thaw begins, the last thing on your mind is the summer heat, but this is the best time to contact a professional to ready your unit for summer. You’ll get the best deals when you make appointments before the summer rush.

The professional will test for leaks, inspect the electrical terminals and clean and tighten any connections that could have worked loose during the winter.

Filter Replacement
Along with the above checks during the appointment, the technician will replace or clean the filter. A dirty filter can cause the air to stop flowing through the unit properly. A clogged filter can cause the unit to work overtime to cool the home and eventually, it’ll burn out the unit.

Condenser Cleaning
The condenser and evaporator coil will collect dirt and dust over the course of the year. While a clean filter can stop the unit from becoming too dirty over time, it will still need to be cleaned. If the outdoor unit becomes very dirty, that can lead to more frequent cleaning needs.

Bent Coil Fins
When the fins on the back of the coil and evaporator are bent, it can block the flow of air through the unit. You don’t need a technician to bend them back into place. Use a pair of gloves and a fin comb to bring them back into the proper shape.

Condensate Drains
Any drain has the potential to become clogged. The condensate drain can become blocked, which will reduce the air conditioner’s ability to reduce humidity. Pass a wire brush through the drain occasionally to ensure it’s free of clogs. This can be done by a technician too.

Fan Cleaning
The fan motor burning out is a common problem for many air conditioning units. This is because the fan can collect dust and dirt. You can clean this yourself throughout the year. Use a small vacuum to remove all the dust from the unit.

Preparing for Winter

A technician can be contacted to clean and repair the unit before you shut it down for the winter. You don’t want to leave problems for the spring maintenance season.

Proper maintenance of your air conditioning unit will result in a system that lasts for many years. It’ll help reduce energy costs as well.

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