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How to Promote Workplace Diversity

The business world has become increasingly competitive due to multiple factors, one of which is globalization. While there are many ways that you can keep your organization competitive in the contemporary world, promoting work diversity can be particularly effective. With that reality in mind, be sure to consider using some or all of the following strategies to promote workplace diversity:

1. Focus On Optimizing Your Hiring Process.

If you want to promote workplace diversity, your first step should be making it an ongoing reality in the commercial setting. You can get the process underway by optimizing your hiring processes to ensure that you are recruiting people from diverse backgrounds. As noted in “How to Increase Workplace Diversity,” you can create and implement an equal opportunity employment policy which operates according to federal guidelines. Taking this step will help you establish a meritorious hiring practice that is neutral to factors such as gender, race, and age. You might find it advantageous to create a committee that will come up with clever ideas that will empower you to attract people from diverse backgrounds to your organization.

2. Celebrate All Major Holidays Rather Than Just One Culture’s.

In America, it’s common for people to hold office parties celebrating Christmas. These functions may include decorations with green and red color schemas and pictures of Santa Claus. Yet if you really want to promote diversity, it’s important to celebrate all major holidays. This would include Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah. In discussing Hanukkah, Wikipedia notes that the celebration is observed over a period of eight days and nights. It is also referred to as the Feast of Dedication and Festival of Lights. You might host a holiday celebration in which you celebrate Hanukkah and discuss some of these central features with everyone at the party. It would be great for you to do some background research so you can speak articulately and intelligently about holidays outside of Christmas. This strategy would show that you’re not simply going through the motions and doing the minimum work required to make it look like diversity is important in your organization.

3. Reprimand Discriminatory Activity.

One reason that a workplace may fail to become diverse results from the fact that people make openly racist, sexist, and/or homophobic statements. When the individuals who make these statements are not reprimanded, you run the risk of creating an environment where this type of language is perceived as acceptable and ultimately a reflection of your organization’s values. As such, it’s important for you to reprimand discriminatory activity when it transpires so that your company culture is conducive to diversity, not hatred.

Don’t Delay: Start Promoting Workplace Diversity Today!

If you’re serious about making workplace diversity a reality in your work setting, you should have a strategy in place rather than hoping the desired outcome will materialize in a magical way. Use some or all of the three strategies outlined above to make workplace diversity an integral component of your organization’s culture.

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