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How to Properly Pack for Storage: Tips and Tricks

Tip One: Choose the Correct Containers for Storage

If you are packing items that are damaged easily by moisture or dust, then using a plastic container is the best option. You can find numerous sizes of containers at local stores, and you must have a tight-fitting lid for the container. When selecting a container, consider what you plan to store in it. While you may plan to store hundreds of books, you cannot pack all of the items in one container because it will be too heavy to lift. Instead of using plastic totes, you can also use clean cardboard boxes that are less expensive, but it is important to remember that these containers can degrade easily.

Tip Two: Sort Your Possessions Before Packing the Items

Make sure to get organized before packing items inside a storage container in a willy-nilly fashion. To avoid damaging items, it is a good idea to sort your possessions into different categories to make it easier to pack things properly. Place all of your breakable dishes and collectibles in one area in order to wrap the items carefully to prevent chips and scratches. Stack all of your clothing and linens on a table to fold the items to prevent wrinkles.

Tip Three: Make Sure to Clean Items First

Don’t pack dirty possessions because the debris is more difficult to remove in a few months. Wash and dry your linens or clothing before folding and storing the items in plastic bags to maintain the fabrics during the storage process. Use a soft cloth to remove the dust from figurines, artwork and books. While you might think that cleaning items first is time-consuming, it makes it easier to unpack your possessions later when you need the clothing or knickknacks.

Tip Four: Label Containers to Make Finding Things Easier

If you are packing your possessions in a cardboard box, then use a black marker to label each side of the container. When you are packing items in plastic totes, attach an adhesive label on every side of the container. You can find adhesive labels at an office supply store, and manufacturers make different colors and sizes. Make sure to describe what is inside the container in case you will need an item such as heavy winter coat or a punch bowl.

Tip Five: Wrap Breakables in Protective Paper or Plastic

When you are packing breakable items for storage, make sure to wrap the items in soft paper or plastic to prevent damage. Place the heaviest items in the bottom of the cardboard box or tote. You can use cardboard dividers to separate plates or cups to avoid breaking the items during the packing and storing process.

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