4 Most Common Pests in Florida

When you live in Florida, pests are a common occurrence in residential and commercial properties. This state has a year-round hot climate with a high humidity level. In addition, areas along the coast of Florida have a lot of rainfall from hurricanes several times each year. There are numerous pests that thrive in Florida, but there are four types that are most common. Florida Pest 1: Palmetto Bugs palmetto bug is one of the largest species of cockroaches in the United States. This is a dark brown insect with unusual cream markings. Palmetto bugs will seek garbage or plants, but these insects rarely bite humans. However, property owners don't want to have this insect in a building. To eliminate palmetto bugs, it is a good idea to keep a building clean, and also, you should repair plumbing devices to eliminate any moisture leaks. Florida Pest 2: Carpenter Ants Ants can thrive in Florida because the insects’ colonies don't die-off from cold winter temperatures. Carpenter ants are a common species in this state, and these insects can destroy buildings by chewing on wood or other cellulose materials. A carpenter ant will chew into a building’s wooden frame, walls or floors to create tunnels for nesting. The tunnels throughout a building will lead to enough damage that the structure can require major repairs. The best way to get rid of this insect is by calling an exterminator who has high-quality pesticides. Florida Pest 3: Roof Rats Roof rats have adapted to living in different habitats, including a building's attic. These rodents can climb trees or downspouts to reach a rooftop before finding a small hole to enter. Large groups of roof rats thrive in attics where there are wood materials and electrical wires to chew. The rodents nest in a building’s wall or ceiling insulation, and the rats will enter a home or business to look for food and water. An exterminator can place wire mesh devices over the holes and crevices in a building to keep the roof rats from entering an attic. Florida Pest 4: Ticks Several species of ticks live in Florida, and these arachnids can transmit dangerous diseases to humans, including: • Rocky Mountain spotted fever • Lyme disease • Relapsing fever • Tularemia Ticks are tiny arachnids that often lurk in a family pet’s fur, but these pests can also live inside or outside of buildings. While taking a walk outside, a tick can bite your skin to ingest blood, and during this process, it can transmit pathogens that will make you ill. Keeping the exterior of a building clean and free of debris is one of the best ways to prevent tick infestations into a building.
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