E-Liquid Bottles: Should I Purchase Glass or Plastic Bottles?

The decision to buy either plastic or glass E-liquid bottles is really a matter of personal choice and what type of e-cigarette or personal vaporizer (or mod) you use. Plastic Bottles Most plastic bottles of e-liquid come with dropper tips to make it easier to refill a Clearomizer type cartridge. In this case, a plastic bottle would work better than a glass bottle since you have to squeeze the bottle in order for the liquid to drip out and into the cartridge. Glass Bottles However, you can buy glass bottles and use a pipette dropper. You would insert the dropper into the glass bottle, squeeze the top and draw the liquid out of the bottle into the dropper. And then squeeze the top to release the liquid into the e-cig cartridge. While glass bottles will last longer and have solid durability, there's always a chance of accidentally dropping the bottle and having it break. Whereas with the plastic bottles, no breakage. Bottle Sizes Most e-liquid bottles come in mL sizes starting at 10mL, 15mL up to 30mL in some cases. If you normally buy your e-juice in 30mL bottles, a 10mL plastic needle-tip bottle will come in handy. Empty E-Liquid Bottles for Consumers and DIY E-Juice If you visit a local vape shop that makes their own e-juice, the shop will most likely use glass bottles. Why? They want to put their own labels on the bottles, and labels adhere better to glass than plastic. But you can always ask for an empty plastic bottle with a dropper tip and use the plastic bottle just for refilling while keeping most of the liquid in the glass bottle. The needle tips may work best for refilling Clearomizer tanks. If you make your own e-juice, you may want to use a larger glass bottle to mix your juice and then pour a portion of it into a plastic bottle for refilling. The plastic bottles are also more portable, so if you're going to be away from your house for any length of time, you can carry the smaller plastic bottle with you so you can refill on the go if needed. Government Legislation on E-liquid Bottles "With the passage of the Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act (S. 142), the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) will soon get new authority to require child-resistant (CR) packaging (special packaging) over certain packages of nicotine-containing “e-liquid.” Keeping this law in mind, most all prefilled e-liquid bottles now will have child-proof caps on them. So when you buy e-juice in any type of bottle, glass or plastic, if it has a child-proof cap on it, you may want to buy an empty plastic bottle that isn't child-resistant so it's easier to refill your cartridges. Ejuice Buying Guide Freund Container and Supply, a division of Berlin Packaging provides an in-depth E-juice Buying Guide that's useful for consumers, DIY e-juice makers and manufacturers of e-liquid. You can head over to their website and find detailed information on what type and size bottles will perfectly fit your needs.
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