6 Simple Ways to Improve Reading Struggles

Learning to read-
Whether it be an article inside of a magazine, or an application for a job, it is important to know how to read and comprehend what it says, so misunderstandings don't happen. For those who struggle with reading, this is very difficult to do though, and it is embarrassing to have to ask for help from someone else. Luckily, there are six simple ways that everyone can use that help to improve reading skills with time. Processing the Information Sometimes, pages can seem overwhelming because there is so much information to process from all of the words. To reduce them down in a way that won't harm the book or magazine, take a sheet of white notebook paper, and fold it in half. Place the folded crease of the paper directly underneath the sentence that you are reading. Either a bookmark or index card will work fine too. Then, simply move it down after you finish with each line. Take Notes If you are unsure what a word or phrase means, or how to pronounce it, write it down. Also, make notations about any names, places, or technical terms that you think are important or you might want to learn more about later. If you own the book, you can use a highlighter to directly mark them on the page too. Skim and Scan Detailed reading is the best way to get a complete understanding of a subject. But, beforehand, always skim through the book quickly. This will allow you to more easily ask yourself questions about any chapter titles or pictures that you might see, so your eyes will be trained towards the answers when you find them. Keep Your Focus It is much easier to focus on reading when you are in a quiet, peaceful environment. Turn off the radio or television before you begin, so there will be less distractions. And, if possible, find a room where you can be alone without interruptions. Slow Down Don't worry about trying to read too fast at first. By slowing down to a nice steady pace, you will be much less likely to miss key information that you need to know.
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