4 Ways to Add Value to Your Outdoor Living Space

An outdoor living space can be crafted to feel like an extension of the square footage of your home. With the right design elements, it can give you a place to relax, invite friends and family, as well as raise your home value.   Patio   A patio that extends from high traffic areas in the house, like the living room and kitchen, add the most value. They provide a space to have a barbecue as well as outdoor furniture. Your patio should be proportional to the size of your yard. A large yard with a tiny patio will look odd and won't add value to your home. A large patio that takes up all the space in a small yard will have the same effect.   Patios can also house an outdoor kitchen that will allow you to entertain to the fullest. Outdoor kitchens also let you keep the heat outside during the hot summer months. Other options include an outdoor oven or bar.   Water Feature   A water feature can be anything from a small fountain to a fish pond. Fountains can add a sense of serene calm to your outdoor space. They can be any size and can be designed to look natural or you can choose a statuesque addition. A pond with a few fish is also a popular way to add extra value to your home. They can be beautiful and interesting to look at and add ambiance to your outdoor living space.   Be sure that any feature you choose fits in with your neighborhood. A swimming pool usually only adds value if it is in a city or neighborhood where almost everyone has a pool. Otherwise, the maintenance can turn off a lot of buyers.   Trees   Depending on your location, trees can add a great deal of value to your home. Tall trees provide shade that decrease summertime cooling bills significantly. They can act as a natural wind and privacy barrier. In other areas, they can also act as a sound a barrier. Beautifully landscaped trees can also add charm and visual appeal to your property.   The only time trees do not add value is when you live in a high wind area where there is a threat of the tree being blown onto your house. In this case, other types of foliage like shrubs may be more appropriate. Full Landscaping   The kind of landscaping that adds value will look well thought out with mature plants and trees. Many people tend to add in a little landscaping over time which can look piecemeal. Create a coherent plan before you begin adding to your landscaping. It doesn't have to be complicated or professionally designed but it should look balanced and purposeful.
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