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Top 8 Cigars Brands for Beginners to Try

Cigars are a symbol of class and elegance; they are being endorsed by successful Hollywood stars, books, and even entrepreneurs. It's natural for someone to try out a cigar sometime. It might be the aroma, the feeling of relaxation or the look of sophistication that a cigar has, but one thing is for sure, cigars are elegant. If you are a beginner, many questions might be running through your mind. Will I like it? Which cigar should I try out first, will it be too much for me? There are thousands of cigars in the market to choose from, but we are going to narrow down the top 8 that you need to try. But before we start, cigars are subjective, because one man’s like is not another man’s preference. A person’s best cigar may not be yours, and vice versa. Now, let’s get down to the list of cigars you need to try out first. Ashton Classic Connecticut When you begin to smoke a cigar, you might want to be careful with each piece, but your concern should not be how well made a cigar should be. The Ashton cigar is made by the Fuente family. It is made by hand in a consistent manner. It offers flavors of cream and coffee, with some pieces of pepper in it. Rocky Patel 1999 Vintage Connecticut This is a great cigar to start with because it is mildly strong and it is rich in flavor. There are different sizes available; you can start with the small one as you head up. Be sure to notice the spice, wood and cream flavors as well. It is a great cigar that goes well with coffee. CAO Gold CAO is a Nicaraguan cigar company that is rich in tobaccos from Columbia, the Amazon, and Brazil. There is a great taste in each cigar that will offer you a great first experience. This cigar has mixed nut and woody flavors. Nat Sherman Host Connecticut The look and feel of this Honduran filled cigar are just ideal for a perfect smoke. Originally from New York, this cigar has a band of the famous Nat Sherman Townhouse clock in New York. It's a quality cigar that has cedar, toasted nuts and a mild spice that makes smoking much more pleasant. Padilla Connecticut The mild Padilla Connecticut is a master blend by Ernesto Padilla. It has a great woody foundation taste that is mixed with hints of caramel, vanilla and burnt sugar throughout. Since it has different flavors, this cigar has a lot to offer with its sweet cream and damp hay chocolate taste. CLE Connecticut The initials CLE is a great addition to the cigar maker Christian Eiroa. The Connecticut cigar has a well-balanced taste of toasted wood, cream, earth, and pepper to make you enjoy the whole cigar. The wrapper has a great taste, and it is one cigar you will enjoy. Flor de las Antillas This amazing cigar is top of the line; it offers the great quality of taste like the one from the Fuente’s. Over the years, this cigar has been in publications as the “best of” cigars in the world. You will enjoy the almond, nutmeg and chocolate tastes of this cigar in each smoke. Arturo Fuente 858 Maduro From the Dominican Republic, the Arturo Fuente provides consistency, quality, and perfection in its cigars. The 858 is the best way to start enjoying the rich culture and history of the legendary Fuente family. This cigar embodies pepper, coffee, and gingerbread spices.
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